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Oracle FLEXCUBE tailored to your exact needs

We customize the Oracle FLEXCUBE software to the tiniest detail and make it work for any specific need. Our services include the full set of Oracle FLEXCUBE consulting, implementation and support services. ‌

Why Oracle FLEXCUBE?

Working for many years as the financial industry technology provider and testing the best solutions in the area, we at Sirma identified Oracle FLEXCUBE as one of the best solutions in the field.

‌It is the leading core-banking software for the bank of tomorrow. We have been involved in numerous FLEXCUBE data migrations, implementations, upgrades, optimizations and consulting, which increased the value and improved the customer relations of our partners – banks and financial institutions. ‌


Robust technology to support ever-evolving business requirements

With Oracle FLEXCUBE, customized to your specific needs, you can fully utilize the capacity of technology to support ever-evolving business requirements. This will help your financial institution offer innovative services and frictionless experiences. You will also gain a deeper understanding of customers as individuals and be able to offer personalized services and experiences that are highly contextual and relevant.

Oracle FLEXCUBE banking software will bring your financial organization the advantages of:

Fast implementation of innovation‌

Increased transaction security‌‌

Multidimensional agility‌

Enhanced connectivity‌

Reduced risk and improved regulatory compliance

Reduced operational costs‌ and optimal efficiency‌

Multi-channel, multi-device and multi-vendor access coupled with best-in-class functionality

Mobility, service ubiquity and experience that drives stakeholder convenience‌


Optimize resources with FLEXCUBE business consulting

‌Sirma’s FLEXCUBE third-party consulting service is appropriate for you as a bank or a financial institution that has already acquired the FC core-banking system and is in the process of implementing the solution.

Sirma’s FLEXCUBE experts have earned their expertise through extensive involvement in multiple projects in the same field. They will provide a valuable addition to the knowledge base of your financial institution.

Some of the best advantages of our FLEXCUBE consultation services are the embedded system integration experience, as well as the ability to save time and properly plan the entire implementation project from the beginning to the end. 

FLEXCUBE consulting process stages

Sirma’s FLEXCUBE consulting process comprises the following steps

  • Solution approval process and evaluation - Understanding the needs of the financial institution and evaluating the fit of the selected software solutions. ‌

  • FLEXCUBE hardware sizing estimates and verification - Check of the necessary hardware specifications in relation to the estimated needs of the financial institution.

  • Assist and review in the preparation of the entire - FLEXCUBE project implementation plan Consulting and support to the financial institution in the Flexcube project implementation plan.

  • Structure of the appropriate and most efficient implementation teams - Consulting the financial institution in the appropriate and efficient structure of the FLEXCUBE implementation teams.

  • Methodology for project organization and status reports - Provision of the necessary methodology for the FLEXCUBE project as well as the provision of regular status reports. ‌

  • Project overview and monitoring - Full FLEXCUBE implementation project support, overview and monitoring of the project plan and anticipated results. ‌

  • Hardware/Software planning and installation consulting - Consulting the financial institution for the necessary hardware and software and support in its installation and launch.

  • Quality assurance expertise - Guaranty of the successful project and proper and efficient functioning of the resulting FLEXCUBE system.

  • Post-migration support and future system exploitation training - Migration follow-up support of the FLEXCUBE system and provision of exploitation training to the staff of the financial institution.


Gear up your systems with FLEXCUBE Implementation‌

This is a process, in which we have expert knowledge as a software company with 15 years of experience.

Our experts have been involved in all stages of integration of FLEXCUBE v. 5, v. 7, v. 10, v. 11 and v. 12, and have helped a number of successful financial institutions to leverage this technology.

Our services are tailored to your individual needs and specific requirements.

The FLEXCUBE Implementation process starts with our Consultancy service and review and analysis of the needs and requirements of the financial institution.

The FLEXCUBE Implementation process stages

  • System Definition Selecting the appropriate operating system - Windows or Linux. Defining the application servers configuration: Oracle Weblogic, IBM Websphere, JBoss, and Apache Tomcat. Choosing the necessary database – Oracle DB v. 10g, 11g, or 12.   

  • Products Configuration - set up of all FLEXCUBE business products based on customer requirements. ‌

  • Interface Development - development of custom user interfaces needed to connect the FLEXCUBE core to the satellite systems.

  • Data Migration - transfer of data from the legacy systems to the new FLEXCUBE system via the Extract&Load Process. ‌

  • Testing - conducting unit tests, product-by-product tests, integration test, and stress test.

  • Training development of FLEXCUBE training program for the entire bank / financial institution, preparation of training manuals and programs, step-by-step FLEXCUBE training, preparation of user manuals.

  • Go-live support system - launch in real-time with real data and adequate Go-Live follow-up support for the FLEXCUBE customer team. ‌

  • Monitoring - Follow-up monitoring and improvement of the FLEXCUBE system performance, analysis of logs and fine-tuning of the FLEXCUBE system, provision of the best- practices recommendation to the IT Operations team. ‌


FLEXCUBE Optimization for maximum performance

This is a service, tailored to the needs of the financial institution, which will help achieve the maximum performance of the system and bring forth the most benefits. ‌

The FLEXCUBE optimization process stages

  • Problem identification - Diagnostics of the performance and analysis of the results. This step includes staff interviews, performance assessment and reach of an improvement proposal.  

  • Problem solution - Proposal of different solutions to system problem resolution. Discussion and evaluation of each proposed scenario. Decision making for the selection of the best scenario for system performance resolution. ‌

  • Solution implementation - Implementation of the selected alternative: installation and configuration, test process in conjunction with the system and instructions for future exploitation of the system.

  • Monitoring - Routine system monitoring for a period of time or on-demand.

  • System maintenance - Subscription maintenance or on-demand support.


Stay up to date with FLEXCUBE Version Upgrade

This service provides innovation, which gives customers the advantage of the utilization of the latest versions and modules when needed. ‌

The FLEXCUBE upgrade process stages

  • Determination of new system requirements - definition of the functionality, features and technology requirements. Making a comparison between the various FC versions and highlighting the key differences. ‌

  • Business Analysis - analysis of the existing business customizations and estimations whether newer versions cover the business requirements. ‌

  • Flexcube implementation - our experts have been involved in the integration of all FC versions. ‌

  • Go-Live Support System launch - service level agreement which covers support levels, reaction times, warranty and post-warranty support.

  • Monitoring Follow-up - process monitoring and fine-tuning of the system performance, analysis of logs and provision of the result-based recommendation to the IT Operations team. ‌

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