Groupama is Now Open For Broker Business


The insurance company Groupama is part of the French banking and insurance group Groupama Assurances Mutuelles. It has a rich portfolio of insurance products. It is successfully partnering with DSK Bank (the largest bank in the country) as well as with a wide network of insurance brokers, agents and travel agencies throughout the country. It has 500 000 clients in Bulgaria, 320 points of sale, 180 broker and agency partners.

The Challenge

Groupama Bulgaria, made a decision to expand its business, operations model and processes towards insurance brokers. The insurance company needed exposure towards a wide range of brokers using a standardized IT platform and infrastructure in line with Groupama Group IT policies. Groupama chose Sirma ICS and its platform “Insurance Enterprise”, to help with the project for expansion of the point-of-sale network of the insurance company.

The Solution

The Sirma team collected and analyzed information from Groupama about its needs, requirements and intended volumes following the expansion. Then Sirma consulted Groupama on process optimization, project management, external and internal project communication - all elements of the Sirma service “Business Consulting in Finance”. Then the Insurance Enterprise platform was installed and customized. At the end training of the employees was done with subsequent support.

Groupama was now open for broker business.

Business Benefits of the Project

The Insurance Enterprise platform streamlined the processes between Groupama and its new insurance brokers and was able to obtain the additional clients and intermediaries without hiring additional staff. One year after the finalization of the Project, Groupama Bulgaria gained exposure to new 180+ insurance brokers, expanded the number of insurance sales points by 26 and gained 20 000+ new customers.

Innovations, facilitating customer and partner service are our main advantage. We focus on the opportunities presented to us by the various digital solutions. Now we can grow our partner network and be closer to our clients without increased costs.

Celine Edith Bolard – CEO of Groupama, Bulgaria

For more information

To find out more about Groupama Insurance Company, visit their site. Sirma Products and Services Used: Business Consulting in Finance, IT Consulting and Integration, Insurance Enterprise platform

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