Omnicar Insurance Broker Goes Online


Omnicar Insurance Broker is the broker of Omnicar Bulgaria – an official dealer for Dacia and Renault cars. The insurance broker is providing insurance services for leasing clients as well as standard insurance for vehicles, using several insurance companies throughout the whole country.

The Challenge

Omnicar Insurance Broker made a decision to expand its online presence and business towards its clients. The insurance broker needed a reliable solution to offer online MTPL insurance coverage. Omnicar Insurance Broker chose Sirma ICS to provide the clients with a reliable and correct digital offering for the MTPL insurance coverage.

The Solution

The Sirma team studied the information about the requirements of Omnicar Insurance Broker. Then the module “Sirma Online MTPL” of the Sirma Insurance Enterprise was selected. The necessary customization of the online MTPL module was done. Finally, the training and supporting of the employees of the insurance broker were effected.

Now Omnicar Insurance Broker was set for the launch of its innovative online TPL insurance offering.

Business Benefits of the Project

As a result of the project, the Omnicar Insurance Broker was able to offer a new product and expand sales of TPL insurance coverage using the online channel. Through the new service offering provided by Sirma, Omnicar Insurance Broker was able to increase its clients with 30% (about 1000+) for just the first year following the project. This increase was effected in a cost-efficient way, as no new employees were necessary, while business expanded.

We are impressed with the efficiency of client acquisition and customer service using the online insurance module provided by Sirma. We are now certain that this is the future of insurance.

Boris Rusinov – GM of Omnicar Insurance Broker

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To find out more about Omnicar Insurance Broker, visit their site.
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