Corporex is Set for Growth with its new Insurance Enterprise Platform


Corporex Insurance Broker is founded in 2008 and operates in Bulgaria. Successfully partnering with insurance companies and providing several insurance products throughout the country.

The Challenge

Corporex insurance broker made a decision to expand its business, operations model and processes. The Insurance broker needed a modern, user-friendly software, with a wide range of functionalities. Corporex chose Sirma and its “Insurance Enterprise” platform to help in the expansion and optimization of its business.

The Solution

The Sirma team collected, studied and analyzed information about the requirements, needs and targeted future volumes of transactions from Corporex. Then using the service “Business Consulting in Finance”, Sirma suggested process optimization within the broker. Then Sirma’s Insurance Enterprise platform was installed at the Broker and the necessary customization executed. Subsequently, data migration was effected for all past business information of Corporex. Last but not least the training and support of the insurance broker staff for work with the new software was done.

Corporex was now fully set for its intended business expansion.

Business Benefits of the Project

The software allowed for the expansion of operations, better control, process efficiency and provision of new services to the end clients. Corporex Insurance Broker was able to provide 15 new services to its clients, reduce its cost per transaction by 32%, increase its clients by 25% in the first year of operations and achieve a 20% annual growth of its insurance premium income

Sirma’s Insurance Enterprise platform is online, trustworthy, easy to use, and complete. It helps us manage all our processes, all our clients and all insurance policies from all our offices, as well as report all insurance transactions easily to the insurance companies and the insurance regulator. This undoubtedly is the best product on the market.

Zdravko Shushkov – Procurator of Corporex Insurance Broker

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Find out more about the Corporex Insurance broker at their site.
Sirma Products and Services Used: Business Consulting in Finance, IT Consulting and Integration, Insurance Enterprise platform

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