Web Register for Bulgarian NCPRMP

The Challenge

The NCPRMP (National Council on Prices and Reimbursement of Medicinal Products) had the need of public e-portal where each citizen can check the legitimacy and the price of each medicine distributed on the Bulgarian medicine market. Also, each medicine distributor or producer had the need for fast and easy submission for application for a price, including or excluding of medicine from a positive medicine list, etc.  

The Solution

For the needs of NCPRMP, Sirma developed a well-designed system and public e-portal, based on our innovative platform -SEP. 

The portal provides 15 types of e-services for the companies that own permits of drug use in Bulgaria. There is a possibility of electronic filing and an online check of the status of administrative services, which saves time and is extremely important and convenient for business.

Also each citizen, doctor or medicine representative could access the positive lists with the medicines and their prices. If the citizen finds some medicine that has a higher price than the displayed one in the list, it could address complaints to the competent authority.  

The e-portal is connected with the back office of the system and each decision was taken from the NCPRMP council is automatically published. 

The back office is an Administrative Information System (AIS),  based on the intelligent Sirma enterprise platform. It enables employees of the National Council to optimize their workflow and process applications for electronic services received by the portal, as considerably as all off-line requests, using automated workflow management for each service.

AIS serves as a DPMS for all incoming/outgoing correspondence of the National Council, where is processing thousands of documents for citizens, commercial enterprises and other organizations. It also stores files of all internal documents produced by the council staff.

More data, detailed videos for registration, log in to the portal and document handling can be found here.

The Result

Both people and legal entities have access to public e-portal. Any citizen or a medical institution can obtain information about drugs that are fully or partially paid by the Health Insurance Fund, and which have the lowest price in its category.

Citizens and medical institutions can find out which medications are prescribed to a particular disease, according to the International Classification of Diseases, the recommended daily dose, the drug group, and others. The data in e-registers are maintained by the National Council for prices and reimbursement of medicines and updated on a monthly base, providing up to date information for all stakeholders. E-registers are also accessible via mobile devices.

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