Using Mobile Technology To Improve Your Diabetes Management

Project description

Mobile application helps diabetics cope better with their condition and improve their health.


Diabetes is one of the most serious health problems in the world today. With nearly 10% of the population suffering from diabetes and billions of dollars spent on treatment each year, it is paramount to find solutions that help diabetics manage better. Improved therapy adherence, diet and insulin intake can dramatically change the person’s overall health, leading to a significantly lowered risk of complications attributed to the neglect of the condition. ‌

The Challenge

Diabetes is a numbers issue. Getting the right amount of insulin/medications for the amount of food eaten is of exceptional importance. Creating a solution that can be used to improve treatment for all the different types of diabetes is a complicated process. It requires a multifaceted approach in gathering, analyzing and showing the related information in such a way, that the user and/or their medical specialist can easily find a problematic area of the treatment and act accordingly to correct it.

User benefits

  • Log your values wherever you are ‌- Track your food intake and monitor your diet ‌- Analyze and understand the data at a glance
  • Send detailed reports to your doctors or give them direct access
  • ‌Keep your diabetes under control

This is an amazing app that I’ll never stop recommending. My #1 feature is being able to use it on my smartwatch. Thanks to using this app I’ve gotten ten times better at being a proper functioning diabetic that remembers to count carbs, test frequently, and take all of my shots.

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