Successful Collaboration to Co-create Stunning Mobile App

Team Augmentation for Most Productive and Fruitful Relationship to Create a Novel Mobile Application


A prominent Israeli start-up has won VC funding to create an innovative platform for predicting human behavior. The platform includes novel AI algorithms perfected over five years of research by psychologists and AI experts. It helps psychologists create multi-dimensional depictions of the user’s personality through behavioral models and feature engineering to assess personality and predict future actions and interactions.

According to a report published by IVC Research Center and LeumiTech, the banking arm of Leumi Group, the Israeli tech companies raised $5.6 billion in the first quarter of 2022.

The Project Scope

To expand the scale and capacity of its platform, reduce the time to market, and faster monetize the platform’s novelty, the company was looking for an external dedicated development team to create mobile user apps in a pretty short time frame.

Enlarging the development capacity, extending the internal team, and speeding up time to market.

Here is the starting point of the collaboration between Sirma and the Israeli start-up, which co-created the mobile applications for Android and iOS. The app name is “KnowMe Better”, designed to help users provide initial personal data and feed the existing platform with them. Users consent to logging in to the app with their social media accounts. Then, they can use advanced machine learning algorithms to continuously tap into digital footprints, mobile devices, and peer-group actions to fine-tune predictions. The data analyses are provided in real-time, helping generate insights and better predict future behaviors.

The application can be used in various industries - for example, to help HR departments make precise analyses of prospective employees for commercial organizations. It enables banks and insurance companies to transform data analytics, understand humans and customers better, and deliver a superior user experience. The latter is an ultimate goal of flourishing e-commerce and many other industries that dream of enhancing the user experience with the help of AI-enabled behavioral analytics.

The Challenge

Sirma Solutions had to develop and deliver fully operational mobile applications in a tight timeframe, playing as an augmented team to the Israeli counterparts. The Team Lead was responsible for ensuring coherent and seamless collaboration between both groups, helping the Israeli company use the project time to recruit and train its internal team, who will be taking over the development process for the following stages.

Project Implementation and Delivery

The project has been divided into Phase 1: UX/UI design and Phase 2: mobile application development and testing for Android and iOS, supporting all the latest versions of the operating systems. Our team developed and delivered fully operational mobile applications without delays - the result was a novelty app with an impressive UI. The critical factor for the project’s success was the software development and the UX/UI design. The technical advisory of Sirma complemented the technical expertise of the existing in-house development team.

“The app was launched on time with an eye-catching, intuitive, and wonderfully easy-to-use user interface, which has an enjoyable test-taking experience from A to Z.”, said Rumyana Stoykova, Head of Products and Solutions at Sirma Solutions, who was also in charge of the project delivery.

The Results

Successful Collaboration Between Israeli Start-up and Bulgarian IT Partner to Co-create Stunning Mobile Applications

“This project has helped Sirma to win an Israeli company as a client. The market is well-known for its highly competitive environment and as the most thriving start-up ecosystem, which challenges the global leaders like the USA, China, South Korea, etc. We are looking forward to the next winning collaboration with the flourishing startup community.”, added Momchill Zarev, Chief Comercial Officer at Sirma Solutions.

As a result of this collaboration, the mobile apps were successfully launched in Apple Store and Google Play Marketplaces. In addition, the partnership with a trusted technology partner as Sirma has helped the start-up company to optimize the internal processes during the development and to protect its unique intellectual property (IP) to leverage its competitive advantage and move forward in the product road map and future progress in the product life cycle.

The Israeli counterparts have appreciated the efforts of the Bulgarian team, which assisted the startup in managing all internal and external resources effectively and preparing its in-house team to take over the maintenance and support of the mobile applications.

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