Sirma Built the Entire IT Infrastructure of Uni Hospital, Panagyurishte


Sirma built the whole IT infrastructure of a top-class hospital in Panagyurishte, Bulgaria (“Uni Hospital”) in 2015. This IT project was one of the largest in the healthcare sector for the past 25 years.

The hospital offers facilities for medical diagnosis, patient treatment, and process management, supported by state-of-art software systems. The IT infrastructure of “Uni Hospital” serves and coordinates over 500 professionals and support staff that has access to many data and medical processes.

The Challenge:

The biggest challenge in the project was the integration of eleven complex IT systems, which are the foundation of the entire structure for patient treatment and care. At the same time, communication systems will enable medical staff not only to have timely access to medical information, related to their patients. Also, the system allows young professionals to participate in the most advanced practices, through partnerships with the leading global medical centers.

The Result

The new hospital has a top-notch technological infrastructure. Our team has designed, delivered, and built a new data centеr, with a private cloud infrastructure, to support network connectivity in the hospital. They also carried out many additional activities as desktop virtualization for workstations, the building of the wireless network, communication and medical call system, CCTV and access control, and delivered end-user devices.

The next stage of the project includes building and developing a high-tech oncology centеr, to provide a comprehensive range of specialized healthcare services. 


This advanced medical technology and equipment allow for the simultaneous use of diagnostic imaging methods (PET-CT, MRI, CT, robotic angiography, ultrasonic methods) alongside with surgery and the latest invasive techniques, introduced in Bulgaria.

In addition, the modern telecommunication systems that connect the hospital with leading centers of excellence, specialized in all disciplines will help to provide quality and world-class medical consulting and expertise to Bulgarian patients.

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