Medrec:M in Aid of Assisted Reproduction

Sirma Medical Systems announces partnership with Medical Centre (MC) “Dr. Kalchev”. The two companies signed a license agreement for the use of Medrec:M - Sirma Medical System’s flagship product for digital healthcare. Designed to address the urgent need for next-level healthcare management in the modern world, Medrec:M will allow the medical professionals to conduct virtual appointments with their patients, monitor their conditions remotely, keep track of medical documentation like lab results, prescriptions, health records, and much more.

Project scope

MC “Dr. Kalchev” provides care and expertise in assisted reproduction to couples with various fertility issues. The options to perform online consultations and monitor patients remotely are essential for the center as their patients are scattered worldwide. This makes secondary consultations, results examinations, and similar visits, a very challenging task for both parties. During the test period, the team of clinicians who will use Medrec:M includes:

  • a psychologist
  • an endocrinologist
  • an immunologist
  • a hematologist

Expected results

According to the World Health Organization, more than 186 million people worldwide suffer from reproductive problems. This statistic highlights the gravity of the problem and as more and more people are trying to overcome this serious issue, modern digital healthcare solutions like Medrec:M, are happy to provide a solution and play an important part in this process.

In the last decade, we are witnessing many successful examples of how technology is entering every corner of medicine and becoming part of the routine activities of both general practitioners and medical professionals. There is no doubt that telemedicine service delivery will be a vital part of our modern life in the post-pandemic world.

About the product Medrec:M

Sirma Medical Systems develops modern medical applications and integrated platforms specializing in monitoring the health and vital signs of patients with chronic diseases and/or temporary illnesses. The company holds the international certificate for the quality of medical devices and related services - ISO 13485.

The Medrec:M platform was developed during the COVID-19 crisis, but its full potential succeeded the challenges the pandemic brought to the world. The two modules of the platform allow both patients and clinicians to communicate effectively and sufficiently. On the one hand, the mobile app allows users to manage medication plans, log health data, store medical documents, track symptoms, share information with doctors for remote consultations, and receive health advice and news. On the other hand, the clinician’s module lets doctors keep a calendar of all their appointments, perform telemedicine, generate reports, and access patients’ personal health records, saving them time and effort.

Client testimonial

”Our Medical Center specializes in and offers an innovative and holistic approach for treating reproductive problems with patients both in the country and abroad. Thus, the opportunity to conduct online consultations and online group therapy sessions was extremely important in choosing a suitable platform. The solution of Sirma Medical Systems - Medrec:M, offers us the chance to bring our services to a modern, high-tech level. And on a purely personal level, it brings us even closer to our patients in helping them to fulfill their most cherished desires.”

said Dr. Alexander Kalchev, leading reproductive specialist, founder, and executive director of the Medical Center “Dr. Kalchev”.

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