Successful Collaboration with a Reliable IT Partner Brings Thriving Business

TINQIN is a nearshore software company, specialized in the development of insurance software with offices in Bulgaria and France. 

The Challenge

From the very beginning of the company creation, the founders started the operations with a very clear idea of what kind of business opportunities they would explore and how company success depends on a good collaboration with a trusted cloud service partner. After detailed analyzes and researches, they chose Sirma Cloud and Infrastructure Services. Over the years, the company expanded its operations, services and number of employees, so,  the need for bigger servers, hosting providers, cloud spaces were apparent.  

The Solution

The company is dedicated to delivering nothing but the best quality of software solutions and services. TINQIN provides tailored solutions to the insurance industry and strives to help clients develop enterprise-grade IT systems. The main services include create and deliver end-to-end insurance software solutions and ensure seamless data migration of its clients. To achieve excellence, the company relies on our cloud servers and uses more than 50 servers that store all their data and demo environments. 

The Result

Such a partnership illustrates a win-win business model between the cloud infrastructure provider and a technology partner, where each participant delivers services to its best in order to benefit the entire service supply chain. The sustainable business model enabled TINQIN to focus on its primary goal for business growth and providing expert solutions and services to various significant and strategic players on the European insurance market.

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