SEP for Sirma Automation Solution

The Background

Sirma Automation is a workflow engine based on SEP, designed to eliminate manual entry when digitizing, indexing, and organizing files.  Recurring incoming documents are analyzed and automation is designed to extract key information from the document when scanned.  Once information is extracted, the document is indexed and filed in Sirma Enterprise Platform.  This eliminates human error and the need for manual entry saving employees time and mitigating risk for organizations.  Let’s take a closer look at one client who is implementing Sirma Automation into their workplace.

As a well-known and established distribution company in New York City, this organization prioritizes efficiency and high customer service.  As a distribution company, deliveries are very difficult to manage in New York City due to parking limitations, fines, traffic and severe inclement weather.  With these business challenges this organization faces, it is imperative that the other aspects of the business run smoothly to ensure a sustainable operation.

The Problem

This company makes approximately 200 deliveries every day and each delivery is finalized with a paper document known as a pick ticket.  Once this pick ticket is signed by the customer and adjusted by the operations team, it must be filed away and instantly available for customer inquiries.  With a high volume of incoming paperwork, this organization needed a technology to increase the speed and accuracy at which documents can be stored and retrieved.

The Solution

Once they agreed to move forward with Sirma Automation, they enjoyed how seamless organizing these incoming documents became.  Now, when they receive their pick tickets to file away, all they have to do is scan the document and it instantly appears in Sirma Enterprise Platform.  With the high-powered search functionality, they simply type in the pick ticket number into the system and it appears instantly for the end-user. Now the end-user can print or e-mail the document for customer instantly.  In addition, Sirma Automation eliminates the time spent for employees to manually index each file once scanned.  This eliminates unnecessary tasks for the employees and allows for them to focus on their core business function which is to address their customers’ needs.   

The Result  

Sirma Automation is making a positive impact on their primary goal, which is to ensure a high level of customer service for their clients.  With having this information instantly available, the business owners now have peace of mind knowing their documents are safe, secure, and readily accessible for their clients allowing them to continue to oversee the demanding delivery operation of their business.

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