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The Background

Sirma GoDigital is a semantic-driven document management solution based on Sirma Enterprise Platform that allows clients to effectively store, secure, manage, and share documents across every industry and vertical. Every document is identified by its business purpose, whether it is an invoice, employee agreement, vendor contract, etc. optimizing the organization of each department’s information. Let’s take a closer look at one client who has established paperless operations in their office.

As a well-known and established organization in the New York City, this non-for-profit organization focuses on promoting health, fitness, and well-being through athletic programs they offer, events they hold, and exercise facilities that are open for members to use. With all of these operations, they have many departments that have become paper-intensive over the years including human resources, accounting, finance, development, and more. Although they have two locations, much of their valuable real estate space was being occupied by storage boxes and filing cabinets.

The Problem

This company experienced a great deal of pain when it came to completing simple tasks that required supporting information that was located on a different floor, or at times, in a different building across the city. This would slow down the pace of business and create otherwise avoidable inefficiencies. In addition to this, this client utilizes a unique key performance indicator to measure how well the organization is performing and that KPI is Revenue/Sq. Ft. All of the space occupied by hardcopy files was negatively impacting this KPI and needed to be addressed. The major issue for management was finding an organization that would be capable of systematically transforming thousands of paper documents into a centralized digital repository.

The Solution

Once they agreed to move forward with Sirma GoDigital, they took advantage of many benefits that the solution offered to solve their business problems. The scanning services allowed them to focus on their core business functions while we handled their manual labor involved in transporting and digitizing the paper documents into digital form and organizing their information into the Sirma GoDigital environment.

With our robust search engine, they are now able to quickly retrieve files from their desks in a matter of seconds compared to making arrangements to retrieve a hardcopy file. Being a cloud-based system eliminated server strain from their IT infrastructure as they no longer needed to host supporting documentation on their network. Most importantly, all of their company information will now reside in a centralized location with the appropriate security parameters built for each user.

The Result

Sirma GoDigital is making a positive impact on their primary KPI, boosting operational efficiencies for this organization.

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