RaiffeisenBank Viber Chatbot

The Challenge

Raiffeisenbank is one of the leading European universal banks, which has an extensive network of branches in Bulgaria. The bank offers banking services in all segments - corporate and investment banking, small and medium-sized enterprises, services for individuals.

How Sirma has helped Raiffeisenbank

Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria is the first bank in the country to launch its public account in Viber as part of its partnership with Viber and Sirma in Bulgaria. The users of the popular communication application Viber can receive useful information and chat with the bank directly, intuitively, and conveniently. The personal approach in this kind of communications happens in a similar way people interact with their loved ones and friends.

Sirma has integrated a chatbot into Viber, which enables instant communication tailored to the needs and preferences of customers. For example, through a Raiffeisenbank chatbot, any Viber user can find the nearest offices and ATMs from his or her mobile device. They also obtain useful information about card products and services or contact the bank’s direct telephone line. All of this is possible in real-time and a few clicks away. Bots answer the most frequently asked questions in predefined scenarios, which speeds up and optimizes customer communication. The bot’s knowledge will be upgraded according to the needs of the bank’s customers.

The Result

Thanks to the new technological opportunity that Sirma has provided to Raiffeisenbank, it will further enhance the existing online customer relationship. The bank is a fintech pioneer, launching a public chat in Viber, publishing useful content, financial advice, news about its products and services, promotions, events, and initiatives.

The new communication channel has been created in regards to the bank’s digital strategy and the ambitious goal to communicate with clients in the most convenient way for them.

Raiffeisenbank’s public account and chatbot on Viber are available at www.viber.com/raiffeisenbg

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