Oasis Team Augmentation with Sirma IT Experts

Oasis Senior Advisor is a company that offers housing assistance in finding a place for aging people. At Oasis Senior Advisors®, they are committed to simplifying the process of selecting a senior housing community. They proudly offer free senior housing services for individuals across the country. For that purpose, they use their custom developed software OasisIQ™ platform, which collects information about a person’s lifestyle, finances, and other factors in one personal account and then automatically finds the perfect option for each person/family.

The Challenge

OasisIQ platform is a competitive differentiator in the field of Senior Advisors Services and is one of their key advantages. The challenge for them is that they didn’t have a dedicated IT team that can maintain and upgrade the software, based on their growing needs. Their bare bones team hardly keeping up with bugs fixing. Also, they had a problem with their hosting provider, where OasisIQ is hosted as a cloud solution.

The Solution

Oasis used Sirma team to help them with our it consulting services to create the perfect NextGen Cloud Application. Sirma team evaluated their Oasis IQ software code to ensure it had a solid foundation and was able to scale and allow the growth that Oasis Senior Advisors had. Our team took over full responsibility for platform stabilization and scalability to allow additional revenue sources.  Our dedicated developers built new platform features and functionality and migrated the existing platform to a new cloud with built-in redundancy allowing future scalability, performance consistency, and predictability around their operational costs. 

The Result

Oasis now has: 1. A dedicated development team from Sirma, while keeping a couple of their existing team members, but more educated and platform-oriented, thanks to our experts. The Team is dedicated not only to fixing the current backlog of bugs but also to create a clear roadmap around new features and enhancements. 2. The peace of mind knowing that the original investment can be leveraged and can scale to the business’s needs.  3. Better cloud management  4. Better platform management based on their current needs 5. Big competitive advantage and unique functionalities in their field