New KFC web site for better UX


KFC is a well-known brand in America that can boast a rich, decades-long history of success and innovation. The brand was looking for an update on its local website (Bulgaria), and they asked our experienced web developers to create a feature-rich, professional-looking website that meets KFC requirements.

The Goal

KFC already had an eCommerce website built on the Magento platform. However, the Magento shortcoming is the inability to streamline external sources of data into their preferred internal platforms like Microsoft Dynamics NAV. KFC also met the problem of website performance optimization. Speed is a vital element of running a successful website and should always be a priority of every company. Faster loading websites benefit from better user engagement and higher conversion rates.

The Challenge

The successful implementation has included a large portion of restructuring and technical upgrades, using the latest web service technology. The output was impressive - the redesigned site not only looks aesthetically pleasing but thanks to the responsive design, also scale to large and small desktops and devices.

We also created a Content Management System (CMS), which has since empowered the staff to administer a large number of changes to the websites themselves, without requiring any technical knowledge.

And last but not least, we build API layers for a custom integration solution. Rich data available in the client’s ERP system is pulled dynamically through the API for web and mobile applications without manual data processing. We have automated significant order processing steps and manage complex business rules to simplify order entry and fulfillment. We have also integrated a customer loyalty program. KFC loyalty club allows participating in it to earn points and receive discounts. Tiered base loyalty programs rank members into specific groups on an individual collected point. Each tier is defined by a set variety of services or benefits, which increases in value as customers progress.

The results

We have created for KFC a new, customer-centered shopping experience, with a powerful custom solution engine on the back-end and renovated bespoke design. It was vital for the company to have a robust API base for dealing with all the connections they have, and we have delivered the environment they need.

KFC now has an extremely agile environment that can change quickly to meet their business needs. The APIs allow KFC to connect its product information system to capture orders and feed information into clients’ ERP systems for fulfillment.

Our eCommerce omnichannel solution is undoubtedly powerful and efficient and has many benefits for developing a website. Its highlight includes high scalability, infinite customization, fast design, easy support, mobile-friendly, and much more.

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