Private Wi-Fi Network and Guarded Homes Against an Outside Breach

Two decades ago, the home Wi-Fi network security was not an issue of critical importance. Nowadays, as almost everything in our houses is connected, protecting private information and home IT infrastructure is a must. Smart homes with connected home appliances require from owners to consider how to prevent unauthorized access from intruders.

The first steps are installing a firewall and security software to protect your home network from outside threats. Although it seems pretty obvious to do, a lot of people underestimate such critical steps that prevent incoming connections that may harm you or steal your information. Do we make it easy for hackers to feel welcomed while neglecting our security?

The Challenge

To develop robust and user-friendly home cybersecurity software with an end-user mobile application for Android OS and iOS. The created application is OEM software, embedded in a hardware device. It provides a full overview of the network traffic, home appliances work, log-ins and allow owners to grant authorized access to their home system.

The Solution

The homeowners and small or medium businesses are aware that cybercrimes are on the rise. To best respond to threats and keep their homes or business safe, they seek a budget-friendly yet reliable solution, which will take the burden off and help them monitor their local networks.

‌Sirma has created an OEM software application for a specialized hardware device that can be plugged into a home or small office network. The embedded cyber-security software allows users to monitor the network traffic and automatically block potentially dangerous attempts to log-in. There is a mobile application that enables users to remotely monitor their networks. Users with individual permissions can also log into the admin app (web and mobile versions) and check activities, create reports, block specific devices, etc.

The Result

Sirma has helped SMBs and homeowners to tackle the problem by creating user-friendly and cost-effective cybersecurity software for small and home networks. ‌

P.S. According to our non-disclosure agreement, we are presenting Sirma’s involvement in the project without revealing the name of the contracting company.

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