Gamification Campaign for METRO Cash & Carry

The Challenge

METRO Cash & Carry Bulgaria is a wholesaler retail chain with a unique B2B format. Focused exclusively on professional SMEs (legal entities and independent entrepreneurs), the vendor distinguishes by its wide range and professional orientation of products and services.

The Solution

This year METRO Cash & Carry celebrates 20 years of presence in Bulgaria. Sirma has helped METRO to augment its marketing promotional activities with a gamification program, based on the customer identification system. The question was, how we can leverage the gameful experiences in a completely different context and engage the customers in a more appealing way? We have approached the problem in a new way.

The LOYAX loyalty platform offers a set of predefined gamification tactics, which enable retailers to start new loyalty campaigns with gamification activities in no time. So, the game mechanics were applied outside the environment of games, and the POS Kiosk was the medium that can deliver a new and engaging experience, along with the option to assign rewards and recognition to the players.

The METRO team designed a new gamification engagement strategy, which included installing POS Kiosk stations for each of their 11 stores in Bulgaria. The intention was to engage their customers without investing a lot of money and to keep them coming back more often. The team came up with the idea of creating the game “Wheel of fortune.” When a customer went to the store, they can scan METRO personal loyalty card on Kiosk located near the entrance and instore. On the KIOSK display is loaded the game “Wheel of fortune,” and the visitor is invited to play for thousands of awards. If the customer wins, the Kiosk prints award voucher ready for a redeem in the store.

People can participate once a day, and if they successfully register for the day, everyonе will automatically be included in the draw of the big monthly reward, whether they win a daily prize or not.

The Result

The general audience was attracted by such an opportunity to check the odds and win a reward for their loyalty. Although many participants will get a prize, almost two-thirds of daily visitors were trying their luck because of the easy rules, the convenience and the user-friendly interface on the game.

The project pioneers the gamification tactics in Bulgarian retail space and opens new opportunities before the internal marketing team to utilize the vast client data in order to retain and evolve the loyalty program of Metro. Although the retailer has enjoyed steady customer visits and loyal partners from the segment of SMBs, since the start of the new engagement program, it has been accounted with average 5000 daily visits in the overall retail chain.

With Sirma, Metro was able to: - 5000 daily visits in the overall retail chain - To create marketing promotional activities with a gamification program, based on the customer identification system.


When we decided to add a new interactive communication channel to our current marketing activities, we sought the partnership of a Bulgarian IT company with a proven track record. Sirma helped us further develop our idea and create a new program to engage new and existing customers. We hope that our partnership will continue and lead to new and more interesting promotions.

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