Galleria Loyalty Club - Shopping Mall

How LOYAX helped  Galleria Shopping Malls to:

  • Implement a Tenant-independent Loyalty Program
  • Increase Customer Footfall  Boost Sales
  • Improve Overall Customer Experience

The Challenge

Galleria Shopping Malls are part of the GTC Group, one of the leading commercial real estate companies in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Since 1994, the Group has been developing high standard, modern office and retails properties through CEE region. GTC Group was acquired by Prime Kapital since 2017. For the shopping centres in Stara Zagora and Burgas, GTC needed an innovative loyalty solution in order to increase customer loyalty, gain customer insights and improve the shopper experience.

Build A Loyal Customer Database

LOYAX helped Galleria Shopping Centers to launch a data-rich loyalty program, based on QR customer identification system. Customer identification is enabled via a mobile app and a physical loyalty card.

Track Customer Behavior

LOYAX has helped Galleria Shopping Malls to get a detailed picture of their customers and track shopper behaviour within the shopping centre.

The main reports implemented in the system include:

  • Customer Spending
  • Average Receipt Amount
  • Customer Visits
  • Preferred Stores
  • Demographic Data
  • Points Collection and Redemption
  • Comparisons Reports
  • Customer Segmentation​​​​​​​

Having access to such customer insights and the tools to segment and target certain groups of customers, Galleria shopping centres were able to provide added value for their customers and influence shopper behaviour in the desired direction.

Identify And Reward Top Spenders

By using LOYAX reporting and analytics, Galleria Shopping Centers were able to identify their top spenders and reward them accordingly. Besides from a VIP Galleria  Loyalty Card, providing exclusive discounts for top spenders, they also created Galleria  VIP Club, providing additional benefits for VIP customers.

Thus, they were able to target the high spenders with relevant offers and consequently increase the number of visits and uplift sales.

How Loyax Helped

  • Increase Brand Awareness of the Shopping Centers
  • Increase Customer Spend and Repeat Visits
  • Understand Shopping Trends and Customer Behaviour
  • Engage with Customers Independent of Any Tenants
  • Create Targeted Campaigns Based on Real Customer Data
  • Get Valuable Insights to Optimize Their Brand Strategy
  • Create a VIP Experience for Top Spenders
  • Improve the Overall Shopping Experience

Galleria  Shopping Centers

LOYAX helped Galleria Shopping Centers to get a detailed picture of customer buying habits, identify shopping trends and adjust their offers accordingly. Consequently, the shopping centres were able to improve the brand positioning, uplift sales and generate profit increase.

The Marketing  Team

LOYAX enabled Galleria’s marketing team to manage diverse marketing campaigns via a single platform. They can target customers with email, push and Facebook campaigns,  supported with advanced segmentation mechanisms. Thus, they are able to compare campaign performance across different channels and optimize their marketing strategy according to customer preferences.

Galleria’s customers enjoy a superior shopping experience, rewarding every purchase within the shopping centre. They can also benefit from exclusive offers and targeted promotions, tailored to their shopping preferences.

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