Business-critical Information Systems to the Speedy's Daily Activities

Speedy is among the largest companies in the Bulgarian market of courier services with a market share of over 25,5%. The company was founded in 1998 and since then it continues its development. Speedy has more than 1400 employees and more than 1000 vehicles to serve the needs of the company.

The Challenge

Due to the nature and the size of its business, Speedy implements business-critical information systems to their daily activities. The carriers of the company are always mobile and need constant concentration to the core system in order to make the deliveries on schedule. On the other hand, continuous connection to the servers is required by the administration to perform their duties as well. The company could not afford to have information system failure due to loss of connectivity to the main servers and storage. 

The Solution

Speedy needed a trustworthy partner to provide them with the necessary services in order to keep their systems up and running 24/7. They chose Sirma to colocate and operate their IT infrastructure in the safe environment of Sirma’s data center. With two independent power lines, S+S UPS systems and backup generators,  carrier-neutral facility with plenty of ISP vendors to choose from, Speedy’s whole IT infrastructure is in a safe place to ensure continuous work of their IT systems. 

The Result

The successful partnership began in 2010 and due to the reliable services which the company received and continue to receive, the even expand their Infrastructure in the data center with even more hardware servers and storage. 

“Sirma data center provides distinguished high-quality and reliable services, with 24/7 availability. The data center staff is highly-qualified and we have always received assistance in time and of quality.”, Mrs. Srebrina Anachkova, IT Manager, Speedy 

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