A web-to-pack solution for printing and packaging companies ‌

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Combine creativity, ultimate efficiency and online ordering

packGATE is a web-to-pack solution providing printing and packaging companies with a separate channel for generating business online. It becomes an extension to the producer’s current website with its branding, production capabilities, and designs. Receiving orders 24/7 helps boost packaging jobs and cost-efficiently produce small to medium size runs.

packGATE is a SaaS solution, powered by EngView Package & Display Designer Server, for maximum customization of the parametric structures with unlimited possibilities for graphic design and finishing effects modifications.

packGATE integrates with web-to-print and e-commerce solutions

Packaging producers that are already using e-commerce or web-to-print solution can also integrate the packGATE resize & design editor to boost sales and utilize digital capacities.

The platform generates die cut designs and print-ready files

packGATE automatically generates ready-to-use printing and die cutting files that feed the digital production machines, effectively reducing time-to-market and raising productivity.

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Business Benefits

Generate new business with packGATE

Increase the number of packaging orders‌

The portal generates sales 24/7 without extra sales personnel needed.

Attract new customers

No structural or graphic design experience needed to create stunning packaging in your browser and place an order online.

Optimize digital production

Optimize machine time and workflow by a constant stream of orders

Reduce time-to-market

Less time for customer communication and design work.


On-demand packaging

In a world where you can open a browser and find everything you need, packGATE makes packaging design as simple as shopping online.

With its powerful functionalities, it is such a must-have for any producer in the packaging industry looking for new opportunities and markets.

Library of boxes and POP displays

packGATE uses EngView Package & Display Designer Suite`s library with over 2000 parametric structures. Packaging producers choose which standards to add to their own branded portals based on their production capabilities.

Resizable templates

All packaging structures from the EngView Library are parametric. They are resized by simply filling in the desired dimensions. Changes are immediately applied to both – the 2D and 3D view of the structure.

Easy graphic design modification, no experience needed

packGATE provides a powerful editor for customization of the graphic design. The interface guides the users to add vector or raster images, format text, add packaging symbols like Handle with Care, Keep Dry and others.

3D visualization of finishing effects

packGATE supports realistic visualization of finishing effects like stamping, imprint, varnish, backing, and lamination. Users can see a detailed 3D-mock-up preview of the packaging structure, artwork and finishing effects, saving costs for sample making.

Personalized packaging

Digitalization in packaging offers new opportunities and discovers new markets for using packaging. Personalized packaging is now at affordable prices and with faster turnaround time.

Quick ordering process

Convenient payment and shipping methods. The user selects a box, customizes it, sets the desired quantity and delivery date and places an order.

Unified communication medium

Receive project inquiries, price requests, and orders in one system. Talk, chat and email your customers within a unified communication medium.

Amazon cloud integration

packGATE uses Amazon cloud to provide a reliable, secure and easily accessible SaaS application. The full functionality is available on your smartphone or tablet, you can access projects, edit designs and place orders at any time.

How it works

Choose a box - edit size and design - order

packGATE uses Amazon cloud, which means no installation is required. The web portal is easily customized with your company’s logo and branding. Packaging and display templates are efficiently imported from your or EngView’s parametric design libraries. And once you set up ordering, delivery and payment preferences, you are ready to sell your packaging and POP/POS displays online.

Take full advantage of our web-to-pack solution, reduce your TIME-TO-MARKET and raise your PRODUCTIVITY!

Getting started

Three easy steps:

Integrate with your website

Set up and customize with your own branding – the portal becomes an extension to your current website.

Upload your designs

Create your own designs or import from EngView libraries of packaging and POP/POS displays designs.

Connect with your customers

Streamline communication with your customers and start receiving packaging jobs online.

Get started

Sell your packaging online

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