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Sirma Broker covers all needs of the insurance brokers

Sirma Broker platform is innovative and intuitive insurance software for brokers. The end users enjoy many handy features intended to ensure seamless brokerage operations. Its software architecture enables easy integration of new insurance products through web services.

Sirma Broker platform - software for brokers.

What kind of work processes are covered by Sirma Broker?

Policy underwriting and issuing

Electronic reports to insurers

Integration with insurance companies for their retail products

Detailed reporting on business, including regulatory reporting


Billing and payments

Cash handling tool

Blank management tool

Client service tools – SMS and email notification

Multilevel hierarchy and organizational structure of the broker

Customizable commission and product tables and many other features

Insurance products

Sirma Broker platform currently supports issuing and registration of the following product lines



Home Insurance

Travel Insurance

Accident insurance

Liabilities insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Other Assistance, Combined Insurance, SME Insurance


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