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Update your IT strategy and chose the best technology on the road to digital transformation.

We help the business to select a mix of solutions that usually includes a variety of vendors, a colorful palette of platforms, and a multitude of solutions and applications, Delivery and implementation of all IT components. Generally speaking, such a procedure may prove to be a daunting task.

Fortunately, Sirma can render the required support. Should you need to procure an off-the-shelf application or require a customized solution our IT solution delivery services will facilitate the acquisition process.


We facilitate the timely delivery of your digital transformation

The business and tech expertise enable Sirma to facilitate the diligent solution delivery.

Delivery Preparation

Our consultants will guide you along the way to acquiring the target technology and functionality. We will draft the necessary documentation to support the whole procurement process, outline the specification, define the criteria for evaluation of proposals, determine tasks and timelines.

Infrastructure Review

Our experts will provide infrastructure management consulting to assist you in the proper configuration of the necessary technical environment that facilitates the optimal functionality of your chosen technology solutions.

Software Solutions

Sirma will aid you within the delivery process all necessary software components, the preparation of the architecture for their integration within your IT layer, as well as the development of additional custom software, necessary to improve your business performance.

IT Implementation Services

Our IT Delivery Services provide the implementation support, linking the puzzle of the various components into a well-functioning and efficient systems. We will fine-tune each element squeezing out optimal performance and providing scalability to your infrastructure.

Support Services

Our efforts will not end with the delivery of the digital transformation project. Sirma will keep your systems up and running by providing ongoing support. We will also train your staff, provide end-user assistance and technological upgrade.

Business benefits

Solution delivery support to make the result certain

Utilizing the solution delivery expertise of Sirma will mitigate many of the associated risks and bring considerable benefits to your organization:

Cost-competitive delivery

Our goal is not only to deliver the required technology but also to achieve this cost-efficiently to the benefit of your organization.

Low-risk technology acquisition

Many of the risks associated with the delivery and deployment of a new technology solution will be negated by our IT competence.


The deployment of your IT solutions will be executed in the most predictable and dependable way to aid your strategy execution.

Organizational Gains

We support you in aligning a multitude of external vendors and internal service providers with your business goals.

Business benefits

Each new technology targets the reach of specific business goals. We will help you accomplish them.

Security enhancement

Your new tech infrastructure will be safe, secure and dependable, your data will be reliable and the access will be protected.

Stay competitive with a trusted technology partner.


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