Industry Verticals

Industry Verticals

Sirma develops business solutions, which are cloud-based products and services, in several strategic industry verticals. Our vertical business solutions consist domain ontologies, knowledge bases, processes, policies, interaction, data mapping, system models and modelling tools. They are designed to address the SHIFTS and interact with the key PLAYERS in the Intelligent Organization Transformation Process.


Financial services go beyond automation, empowered by the artificial intelligence. Cognitive technologies help organizations to address the rising business, security and privacy issues. It is vital to ensure that intelligent applications are designed in a way to deliver desired benefits and the user can rely on provided advice and services. The cognitive technologies will help to alert, detect and isolate infected or malicious AI programs immediately, to implement effective policy and laws for governing their development and use, in order to protect the personal information. Our cognitive business solutions help companies to orchestrate such collaboration.   [DATA/AI]
  • Processing loads of data and analytical information extraction.
  • Cognitive technologies in the Know Your Customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), risk assessment, fraud detection & prevention, marketing and product initiation domains.
  • Compliance products.
  • Flexible processes and intelligent media for cooperation.
  • “Customer engagement” - mobile, social, in-product messaging, interactive content, Q&A bots.
  • Electronic channels development.
  • AI assisted decisions.


Sophisticated learning and AI algorithms will find a place in health records data management, will organize patient routes or treatment plans, or will provide physicians with literally all the information they need to make a good decision in order to provide better and faster health services. The technology can be in assistance in repetitive jobs to medication management or drug creation, getting the most out of in-person and online consultations, and many other applications. Intelligent applications and platforms will help patients to keep their own personal EMR in the cloud, support people to make healthier choices and informed decisions.     [DATA/AI]
  • Storing and safeguarding personal healthcare record. Producing analyses.
  • Using AI algorithms for trend finding, prediction and prevention.
  • Chronic disease management.
  • New generation clinical management systems.
  • Personal healthcare data hub/terminal.
  • Telemedicine, personal online health counsels.
  • Supplying of focused and valuable health information.
  • Clinical management systems.


  Our solutions in packaging help clients to utilize huge opportunities for parameterization of the drawings, thus, achieve a leading market position, outperforming competitors. The technologies in measurement are based on AI algorithms in the field of computer vision, Feature Extraction, Best Fit, etc. The software will assist users, act on their behalf, automate and control the overall production cycle. The packaging and measurement will go beyond production, embracing AI in direct communication and overall business performance.   [AI/PROCESS]
  • AI based solutions for design and production of packages.
  • Developing new opportunities through combination of cloud, mobile, and cognitive technologies.
  • Quality management systems, measurements.
  • Flexible and intelligent processes for quality management.
  • Innovative products in the measurement field.
  • Direct contacts.
  • Presonalization.

Publishing, Media and Cultural Heritage

  The Dynamic Semantic Publishing platform enables organizations to analyze text, automatically tag, retrieve information about objects and concepts from large volumes of open data - using text mining and information extraction algorithms, image and video analyzing tools. DSP also provides intelligent search and personalized content recommendation, detecting of fake news, fact-checking, ranking in popularity of companies in a particular industry or region, with or without consideration of references to related companies and products. The cloud based platform allows publishers, authors, editors, media, journalists, bloggers and cultural institutions to speed up the process of overall content curation, enrichment and management.   [DATA/AI]
  • Insert linked semantic tags.
  • Information extraction for objects and concepts.
  • Quality content creation.
  • Content reliability check.
  • Intelligent cooperation in the cultural heritage domain.
  • Information personalization.
  • Content enrichment.
  • More flexible and exciting reading experience.


  Modern retail industry is focused on customer experience and engagement. Shopping is enhanced by omnichannel experience, and provide retailers with data for better understanding of their on-line habits. However, the merchants have incomplete knowledge about the off-line customer behavior. To close the gap, they rely seek in-store marketing solutions in order to exceed customer expectation and improve personal engagement with brands. Our cognitive marketing suite blends computer vision technology for face detection, age, race and gender recognition. Combined with a powerful loyalty system and analytics tools, the platform allows retailers to gather and process data, available before only to the on-line counterparts. We utilize AI technologies in order to maximize the ROI in marketing activities.   [DATA/AI]
  • Gathering of “hidden” data in the off-line marketing field.
  • Analyzing, profiling, and predicting the behavior of clients in stores.
  • Better personal experience.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • Building efficient communication channels (social, mobile) with clients.

Cross Industry Business Solutions and Public Sector

  Sirma Business Cloud Solutions is a product line of cloud-based products and services, which serve the basic organizational processes and functions in SME segment and public institutions. The platform enables fast deployment of complex cognitive enterprise solutions, document and processes management in a powerful collaborative environment. Particular applications serve the needs of each department - finance, HR, marketing, sales, product and service governance. Based on the Sirma Enterprise Platform, the applications are fully configurable to the customer needs. Sirma Business Cloud offers outsourcing of the entire IT department, including integration and applications specific to each organization, offering IT infrastructure and support as a service.   [DATA]
  • Processing piles of data, extracting and structuring of valuable operating information.
  • Concept for “intelligent documents”.
  • Working with open and linked data.
  • IaaS – outsourcing the whole IT department.
  • Core Cyber Security for software applications.
  • E-services for the public sector.
  • SEP (Sirma Enterprise Platform) – flexible business processes, intelligent documents, innovative cooperation environment.
[ENGAGEMENT] Complete range of electronic communication channels.