Sirma Medical Systems

Sirma Medical Systems

Corporate Headquarters 135 Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd., fl.3, 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria


Sirma Medical Systems, founded in 2016, offers software applications and integrated platforms for e-Health. Its mobile application Diabetes: M is among the most downloaded applications for both Android and iOS devices, with more than 300,000 installations and 50,000 + active users.

What we do

Sirma Medical Systems develops software applications to improve the diagnosis and prevention of diseases.

The leading product of company is Diabetes: M, a mobile application for iOS and Android, which helps diabetes patients monitor, control and manage their condition and predict changes in the health status.

Applications, such as Diabetes: M are incorporated into Sirma’s single, integrated platform to track vital parameters needed by patients and doctors as well as provide clear data visualizations and dashboards for easy use.


Diabetes: M

Diabetes: M is a unique mobile app which was developed by diabetics for diabetics. Using the app diabetics can now easily track, analyse...