Sirma ICS

Sirma ICS

Corporate Headquarters
135 Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd., fl.4,
1784 Sofia, Bulgaria


Sirma ICS (Insurance Cloud Software) develops and implements high-tech, cloud-based innovations to accelerate the digital transformation of the Insurance industry and its related financial service businesses..

What we do

Sirma ICS is a software solutions provider for the Insurance industry. Its comprehensive web-based software solutions use Sirma’s cloud-based (ICS) platform to facilitate work process improvements and help brokers and other related businesses become more efficient and successful.


Core Insurance Software

  • Sirma Core Insurance Platform – the core ERP system of each insurance company
  • Paperless Software – intelligent paperless management of processes, inquiries and documents
  • Sirma Enterprise Platform – a comprehensive, business class solution for intelligent management of policies, claims, content и contracts
  • Web portals for insurance intermediaries
  • Corporate web sites and end-user portals
  • Mobile Applications
  • SOLVENCY II Calculations and Reporting Software
  • Sirma Reinsurance Software
  • Sirma Actuarial and Risk Management Software
  • Sirma Insurance Data Warehouse
  • API and Web services
  • Enterprise Service Bus

Insurance Brokers Software

  • ICS Platform Broker
  • Corporate web sites
  • Web Portals


  • Design of Business Process and Management Services
  • Internet Web & Application Service
  • Selection of System Solution
  • Data Warehouse
  • Database Services


  • Project Management Processes
  • Processes Design & Engineering Consulting
  • IT/Technology Consulting
  • New Initiatives and Solutions