Sirma BC

Sirma BC

Corporate Headquarters 22 Georg Washington str. 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria


Sirma Business Consulting (Sirma BC) is a joint stock company with BGN 2 million of capital which was incorporated in 2007. The company combines the IT and engineering expertise of Sirma Group Holding with that of professional financial managers, bankers and consultants. This symbiosis creates the competitive edge of the company when banking and financial software is concerned. The company operates in over 10 countries in America and Europe.

SirmaBC specializes in providing customized IT and business solutions to the banking and financial industry. We possess expertise in core banking software, retail and wholesale bank systems, payment systems, financial products and services. Hence SirmaBC develops and implements the following:

  • Automated back office and business processes web based systems;
  • Front end customer services applications for the financial industry – both mobile and desktop;
  • Browser-based applications for bankers and their employees;
  • Payment and card management systems;
  • ISO8583 and ISO20022 real time transaction automation systems;
  • Multichannel message and subscription hub;
  • Management and regulatory report generation systems

SirmaBC is recognized as Best System Integrator in Bulgaria for 2014 for its implementation of the Oracle products – FlexCube, Oracle BPM, Newgen DMS, Oracle EBS. Complementing its Oracle integration capabilities, the company develops its own software products applying innovative technologies, international standards and best practices. SirmaBC also offers consultancy services for business processes and IT solutions.



Banks which need one IT solution to integrate all their electronic channels, including the Internet, mobile banking...

Payment Portal System

When banks want to bring their payment processing up to date they can use the Payment Portal System.


Banks which need management, IFRS, operational and regulatory reporting, using data from the whole variety of available systems...


Improve your customer service, speed up your transaction processing and manage all your card products easily with...


For support of the Operations and IT Departments in banks and financial houses Sirma BC has developed Streamline.

UBX Authority

Banks which need on-line authorization for their card transactions can use UBX Authority. The system manages the initial authorization...

UBX Direct

Banks can offer to their clients direct information services via UBX Direct. The system offers automatic on-line customer...

UBX Distraints

UBX Distraints is a web based software application for digitalization of the process of distraint order filing...

UBX Lawsuits

UBX Lawsuits offers the legal departments of banks and other financial institutions a web based application...


Operations & Consulting

The Finance industry is one of the most regulated in the World. The experience which SirmaBC possesses in creation and implementation of financial software has built our strength and deep understanding of the operational processes in financial institutions.

Oracle FlexCube Services

Oracle FlexCube Services are core services of SirmaBC. Our team has more than 15 years of experience with Oracle FlexCube working on numerous projects for banks and financial institutions around the Globe.


Gold partner of Oracle Financial Services (i-Flex)


Awarded as best ICT employer in 2012, 2014 and 2016