Corporate Headquarters Sirma USA Inc./ dba Panaton Software  202 N 9th St, Suite 303 B Boise, ID 83702


Sirma USA/dba Panaton Software is the US subsidiary of Sirma Group, founded 2007, Delaware C-Corp, HQ in Boise, Idaho. The company specializes in software engineering, system integration and product design.

What we do

Sirma USA offers software development in three main verticals: DevOps, Cybersecurity and Cloud Applications and Systems.

  • Our DevOps best practices mix and match on-premises and cloud based platforms and infrastructure across development, QA, and operations. Sirma USA offers managed DevOps services to offload complex and time-consuming and non-productive activities. The result is the simplification and speed of your development processes, required for seamless project implementation. 
  • Our Core Cybersecurity methodology is unique. Unlike companies that focus on discovering and reporting vulnerabilities in clients IT systems, Sirma USA offers security remediation services on a source-code level. This approach helps to equip our customer’s codebases with an automated security toolset. It enables detection of vulnerabilities, while scanning and fixing discovered issues. Sirma acts as an extension of your software team, so, your application releases are not delayed while remediating your security concerns.

We use the latest software technologies for building leading, UI/UX centric, large scale, and Big Data systems. Our primary focus is on usability, response time, data visualization and cyber security.


Cloud Services

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Cyber Security for Applications

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