About Sirma Group

About Sirma Group


We are facing a range of new technologies that combine the physical, digital, and biological worlds – interacting human and artificial intelligence. These new technologies will impact all disciplines, economies, and industries, and challenge our ideas about social and economic organization. They have a great potential to drastically improve business efficiency and value, if leaders actively expand their thinking to include ideas and systems never considered before. Enterprises must begin to rethink, innovate, and rebuild everything: from their strategies, marketing and business models to their production methods, R&D, collaboration, and management practices. The future belongs to these Intelligent Enterprises.


Sirma’s mission is to enable the transition of our clients towards the Intelligent Enterprises of the 21s Century through cognitive business technology solutions that give them a competitive edge. Sirma will become a global 100M EUR company by 2025 offering high-value cloud-based solutions in selected industries, based on a common cognitive technology platform, transforming to an intelligent enterprise itself.

Key Values

  •  Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  •  Client Focus and Integrity
  •  Learning and Teamwork

Business Benefits

We help companies gain considerable benefits and competitive advantages. Our product and solution enable business in:

  • Handling exponential data growth
  • Allowing adaptive business processes
  • Breaking down silos – We provide holistic 360⁰ access to data from variety of data sources (internal & external) and turn it into valuable information, relationships and patterns.
  • Turning text into things – Automatically processing large volumes of textual information to identify its relevance and to deliver it in context for analysis. Blend information derived from text and data for synergistic and pro-active decisions and operations.
  • Extract valuable information from hidden data – Our cognitive algorithms mine information from sources like video, images, IoT data.
  • Modeling, not coding – Using the language and knowledge of the business experts to define the behavior of information systems and deliver business value gradually in an agile manner.
  • Embracing complexity – Adequately representing interrelations and knowledge structures; utilizing machine learning and intelligence to proactively enhance human capabilities.
  • Enabling meaningful collaboration for the synergy of group intelligence.